Has An Succubus Or Incubus Ever Tried To Seduce 您? – 塔娜 Hoy

When 您 梦想 of 性别, 您 may think that it's all just in 您r mind. But did 您 know that 您r erotic 梦 could be actual 性别ual encounters with a Succubus 要么 Incubus!



这是我与客户多次碰面的事情, and I have helped several people protect themselves from these naughty astral beings! This can be an emotionally serious situation to be in, and if 您 are being visitied by them, so 您 don't want to ignore it.

To protect 您rself from them, 您 need to have a special, protective psychic shield palced around 您. If think 要么 fear 您 may be 某人 they have their eye on, then 您 can contact me and I can help 您 with this!

您 can contact me by 点击这里 and fillling out this form, and soemeone will get back with 您 immediately!



Succubi and incubi are lusty astral beings that lure 您 into having 性别 with them, and eventually, into 性别ual perversion. Succubi are beings that assume a female form, while incubi are those that take on a male form. These spirits usually appear in the night while 您 sleep. Although they can also manifest in a physical form too!

When they assume a physical shape, is will beone that 您 find to be irresistibly attractive. At other times, they may just remain in spirit form, but with enough power to give 您 great 性别ual satisfaction.

They also have a way of manipulating 您r mind, in which case, 您 will sense a strange and overwhelming surge in 您r 性别ual desires, urges that go beyond natural hormonal reactions.

Have 您 Unknowingly Been Seduced By One?

Unless it's part of 您r fantasies, then it's not very likely. More often than not, succubi and incubi seduce people into agreeing to have 性别. They are so good at arousing a human's 性别ual desires that they do not have to force themselves on their targets.

In most cases, when 您 are able to resist, they just leave. They may come back and try again, using new tactics of seduction, but they usually never try to force themselves on 您.



The thing is, while 性别 and 性别 梦 give unadulterated pleasure, they can also make individuals feel miserable, dirty, fearful, and guilty. Demons enjoy it when humans feel these negative emotions.

How To Know If 您're Being Seduced By A Succubus Or Incubus

So, how can 您 tell whether 您're having an 要么 dinary erotic 梦想 要么 您're having a 性别ual encounter with one of these astral beings?

• Usually, if 您're seduced by one of these beings, 您 will have a sense of being awake and aware of what's going on, except 您r mind and 您r senses will be quite sluggish.

• You may feel "某人" touching 您, seducing 您, and arousing 您r 性别ual desires. Depending on 您r reactions, the touch may result to more aggressive groping of sensitive areas on 您r body.

• You may also sense the weight of "某人" on top of 您. At this point, the encounter may become more intense, and 您 may even feel a kind of forcefulness that tries to put 您 into submission. 您 may find 您rself unable to move, as though 您're pinned down.

When 您 become fully awake, 您 will sense that the encounter was "too real" to have been a 梦想. 您 may feel tired and fatigued, but at the same time feel a sense of marvel from 您r experience.

The same being may return to have 性别 with 您 several times. Eventually, 您 may find 您rself wanting to have more and more of it, something like an addiction, and 您 may even begin to daydream about it.

Inside, 您 may feel guilty, especially if 您 already have a human partner, which can result in a downward spiral in 您r happiness. m e people even find themselves feeling dissatisfied with having 性别 with a human.

But the time will come when the Succubus 要么 Incubus will no longer see 您 as a worthy conquest, and it will move on to find another person to take energy from.

How To Protect 您rself

As I said, succubi and incubi usually come when 您 have a strong, and usually repressed, 性别ual desire. 您 may deny these feelings consciously, but if 您r subconscious has a longing, 您 may find 您rself being seduced by them.

As I mentioned earlier, this is something I have encountered with more clients than I care to believe is possible, and I've helped several people get rid of them! 您 don't want to ignore it if 您 are being visitied by them.

您 can protect 您rself from a 魅魔 / 梦魇 attacks, by having a special, protective psychic shield palced around 您. If think 您 are being bothered by them, then 您 will want to contact me so that I can help 您 with this!

您 can contact me by 点击这里 and fillling out this form, and soemeone will get back with 您 immediately!

I hope 您 found this 文章 not only helpful, but interesting too!


  1. 玉伦兹 说:


    • 伦敦 说:

      I would like to talk to 您 about some things that have been happening to me physically while i am awake as well as in my 梦.



  2. 哈达萨斯拥抱 说:

    每天晚上我都被一种流鼻涕感动….i feel like i can’t help wanting more….what can i do?

  3. 露西亚 说:


    • 塔娜 Hoy 说:

      Sounds like an angel is holding 您, but not 100% sure. It would be interesting to have a reading together to know it’的名字,以及确切的名字。感谢您与我分享,

  4. 杰西·斯蒂尔(Jesse Steele) 说:

    I’我很确定我正在与我互动,但我不知道’t feel suduced

  5. 梅利莎·奥尔科特(Melissa olcott) 说:


  6. 宗克 说:

    i felt half asleep half awake the had 性别 要么 梦想 i was confused what happened thank 您 for this 文章 but i have grown in 克里斯 t and it much 更轻松 to tattle this things down through the power of the Holly GHOST

  7. 朱丽叶 说:

    但愿如此。一世’我最近正在经历这些事件。我为这个实体打开了一扇门。我从未经历过这样的事情。这已经发生了最后一周。一世’我在基督里已经两年了& he’s the only one that will pull 您 & help 您 on this. I should have known better than opening doors but I did & I regret it. When 您r going through these episodes they will leave in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  8. 约书亚·韦伯 说:

    I have had a recent 梦想 where a demon like creature grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me through my wall, I resisted twice, but by the third time I barely broke from its grip, I woke up feeling exhausted and drained… 什么 do 您 think it might be?

  9. 塔娜 Hoy 说:

    你好 Nancy, this could be a serious situation. There would be no way for me to know what it wants without talking with 您 first. I need to be connected to 您r energy to find out what it wants from 您. Please contact my office at 614-444-6334 and schedule a time together when 您 are ready for my help. I wish 您 all the best.

  10. 瓦里安 说:

    我有来去去的魔咒。他’其实还不错。有时候我们’在从事任何事情之前他会说话’ll warp my 梦想 like state into a fun adventure that ends with 性别. Is this a rare case? I never feel bad 要么 guilty after words, just tired.

  11. 哈瑟姆 说:

    i am having the same feeling.I was laying on my bed and 某人 touched my hands and i felt a load on my chest.

  12. DBR。 鹏 说:


  13. 泰隆·赖斯 说:

    你好我’m Tyron im 22岁,我第一次遇到魅魔是在2012年,当时19岁,我只希望这个性恶魔消失’m not afriad of it I’m just tired

  14. 安农 说:


  15. 蒂拉 说:

    同样的事情发生在我身上,我睡着了觉醒,被压低了,我无法’t move it felt like I was having an 要么 gasm I started to get scared in my 梦想 I could not see who was holding me down but I could feel pressure . I woke up frightened but curious at the same time so I googled what happened and this came up.

    • 塔娜 Hoy 说:

      您’re very welcome. If 您 have a Succubus, I can remove it. Please contact my office if 您 have one. It needs to be removed!

  16. 奥利弗 说:

    1.您可能还会感觉到“someone” on top of 您. At this point, the encounter may become more intense, and 您 may even feel a kind of forcefulness that tries to put 您 into submission. 您 may find 您rself unable to move, as though 您’re pinned down.


    idk what to think but i know that it is a woman and i can feel her skin in my 梦/i have never seen her face only small parts of her body and i always feel kinda safe and it dosnt feel that 性别ual tbh its more cuddly, this has been happening for a long time and i have never thought of it as a 魅魔 i always thought it was a regular 梦想 要么 my subconsious thats hungering 4 a girlfriend 要么 smtn, but iv had 2 梦 that were agressive and in both of them i were unable to move untill i was dragged down from my bed and then i was free only to see some kind of black being infront of my door, i launched a punch and then ill wake upp feeling totally drained/the black being was only there in the first 梦想.

  17. I’我曾发过一个叫托米的名字,他发誓’不管他怎么不断地用我的胸部玩耍,有时我都会感到压力,就像他’也进入我的嘴里

  18. 克里斯 说:


  19. m 说:

    In my 梦想 a woman in white was trying to seduce me . She was so beautiful and ethereal but somehow I resisted and woke up. Her whole body was drenched and she tried very hard to seduce me.

  20. 说:

    ohh my gosh i thougth that was just nothing..so creepy..i havnt 梦想 any 性别ual entercourse but when i woke up i felt very strange something pleasure on me and are times i suddendy wake up when I felt he enter on me

  21. 塞拉 说:

    I keep having 梦 of being seduced by females and males not from this realm one time I saw it’作为一个有着黑色翅膀的美丽女人的真实形态。我该去找谁寻求保护?它’发生了不止一次。而奇怪的是我不’大部分时候我都不会感到害怕,

  22. 水晶 说:

    我的手臂,大腿和小腿上有瘀伤,看起来像拇指印…along with the 梦!

  23. 阿曼尼 说:


  24. 埃琳娜 说:

    在过去的6年中,我几乎没有同样的经历。这种情况通常发生在我白天打a时。当我’米处于瘫痪状态,在清醒过程中闭着眼睛进入睡眠状态。一世’m aware that I’当我突然感觉到有东西从我后面或前面躺在我旁边的床上时,我在房间里的床上无法移动(我侧身睡觉)。感觉就像一个我永远都看不见的男人。这个男人通常以either我或立即性渗透我或指责我开始。第一次发生时,我希望它停止运行,但是在那之后,我喜欢它并被唤醒,所以我通常会坚持下去。这感觉是如此真实,除了强烈触摸我的阴道外,我还可以感觉到床的这种痕迹从我的前侧移到了我的后侧,也感受到了床的痕迹。最近发生的性爱梦让我觉得自己正在和一个胖男人发生性关系,并且试图将他推开,于是它从床的一侧移到另一侧,开始ing我。这是生动的梦,还是梦an以求的梦?

  25. 阿什利 说:


  26. 凡妮莎 说:


    When I was 您ng, maybe it was the result of me discovering porn as a child. I didn’不知道那是什么时候,直到我长大


    In the past, once in a while on every few years, I have this 梦想 where I assume is when me and my soulmate is allowed to meet.


    所以在过去的一年左右,我’ve started imagining having 性别 in my sleep.

    At a point when I started activity having 梦 with characters in my 梦
    不像我’ve felt before


    什么 if it’s very wrong

    And now I have 梦想 people warning me

    如果呢’s having 性别 with something evil
    m etimes I got pregnant and gave birth in those 梦 as well

    I wanted to talk to 某人 about this

    • 阿善 说:

      So I have done crazy amounts of research on this, I am currently sixteen and this has been happening to me since I was twelve and when I resisted it was aggressive and when I complied it was gentle. But I really wanted to get on ur situation so when I was researching they said that a group of scholars had a theory that these 性别 demons were males but they would turn into a female to get the sperm of the male and to impregnate the females they were seducing but it was never proved. The 性别 demons went through that process to make more of them because they couldn’t reproduce on their own and I think that’s what happened to 您

  27. 丽莎球 说:

    可以通过使用Ouija Board来刺激

  28. 丽莎球 说:

    I have had some experiences of an 梦魇 for most of my adult life. I’m 35 now and have experienced this for 16 years of my life. I keep feeling something putting its hands on my face and kissing me. I’ve actually seen a spirit of a bald man kneeling on my bed right beside me looking at me. I spoke to him and asked him what he wanted with me and said I would like to help him and to tell me how. But he did not speak back to me. Why was this? I didn’t know what he was. A demon, alien, angel 要么 ghost. He hasn’t appeared to me again. It was just the once. Can 您 tell me what 您 think he wanted with me and why he’s not shown himself to me again. I wasn’t scared. Is he still around me do 您 know and can 您 tell me his name. Can 您 make contact with him?

  29. 切尔西 说:


  30. 迈罗斯 说:


    I am not sure about my experience but I often 梦想 about having 性别 with 某人 I don’不知道,每当我醒来时,我都会感觉自己的生殖器部位酸痛,然后整整一天,我真的很累。

    I’我对此不确定,我’m afraid.

  31. 拉文 说:

    我想说的是,我被魅魔所吸引,那么让我解释一下,当我9到12岁左右时,我会拥有这些“dreams”漂浮在我自己的房子里,一切正常,除了我知道我会睡着,然后漂浮在楼下,在天空中漂浮,有时我做一个不好的梦(一次发生在一个不好的梦中(关于电影的尖叫声,所以没有真正的关联),但是当我从梦中醒来时,我就漂浮在床上了很多,因为我感觉自己跌回了床上。从我年轻的时候起,我就画过这个恶魔。她很漂亮,穿着内衣,有翅膀,并且角破了。我每次画画时都会把她画在画上。我不是一个很漂亮的孩子,实际上我小时候没有很多照片,但是我以前因为我的外貌而被人取笑。当我长大后,我意识到我吸引了许多不同的人。曾经恨我的人,我从未见过的人,生活中的唤醒使我们再也不会说话的人。我有这个小声音会说她’ll say things like “you’re a goddess no one can mess with 您 您’re unstoppable” 要么 “天哪,那个家伙看起来好美味,我需要让他得到我的关注,这是我的新挑战” 要么 we’如果我们不这样做会很累’和她成为一个人的人睡觉“split personality”或更好的是我内心完整的一个人,当我们改变性格时,我会更自信,更有吸引力,我的眼睛会改变形状和颜色(我的淡褐色眼睛通常是棕色,然后’我会知道这无处不在,但我想将其全部放在这里,以寻求关于我的第六感和拥有力的建议,但是她’渴望男人,女人,任何事物。她环顾四周,我们可以看到来自不同人的不同光环,“easier”我睡过的每个人都说,目标会具有更强的光环,目标较坚硬的目标会具有较暗的光环,但她从不无法获得想要的东西’s they’从来没有这么累过,没有人可以持续很长时间,而且经常被告知这是他们最好的’我曾经遇到过,迷上了,想要更多,想要我,他们为此感到沮丧,我想我已经认识并与魅魔住在一起,而我所做的绘画实际上是她,她赋予了我特别的力量,例如看东西的能力。在某种程度上,我称之为未来的力量。这里有几个例子,我很口渴,我在街上走,有一个未打开的罐头,我想要一个墨西哥卷饼,我的路上有一个墨西哥卷饼,我不想上学,因为某种奇怪的原因,发电机熄灭了,把所有人送走了。修一天的家。我要走100美元,然后找人拿了那笔钱。动物似乎在与我交流,发生了很多奇怪的疯狂事情,我只想知道我不会因为一切不正常的事情而发疯

  32. 大卫 说:


  33. 比昂 说:

    Ravyn我认为’s very interesting what 您 tell about what 您 call the power of probability

  34. 克里斯 说:

    嗯,这件事发生在2013年。我早上8:13醒来时仍然很累…所以我翻了个身。我知道的下一件事,是在某个黑色的精神场所吗?但是我可以’t移动一点..首先。我看着我的右肩’仍然是上午8:13,但感觉更像是几个小时!!!然后,我看着我的左肩膀和一个恶魔,我称它们为恶魔,因为我是2岁时受洗的基督徒。躺在我旁边死了!它不会让我看到任何东西 ’s silver long white hair. And human arrowhead sharp teeth. N it looked at me.. And idk how but I got the will power to speak in his name. Jesus 克里斯 t is my savoir and HE compels 您 to leave my house!! By the power of Jesus 您 are not welcome here!! I felt so powerful uttering those words! And then the demon smiled at me and said in WORDS!! (WILL SEE) and vanished and I woke up covered in sweat head to toe! And not even a minute went by, still 8:13am. I have not 梦想ed bad 梦 sence 要么 has it contacted me sence. But my 性别ual desires are stronger then ever! Is this a subbucus 要么 something far worse and should I worry?

  35. 约翰 说:

    Ive been practicing lucid 梦想ing many years. I 梦想 lucid every night because it is possible. In my 梦 I can explore all of my unconscious and conscious as much as I want to.




    After 3-4 seconds she sat up straight and screamed like a thousand people at the same time. The whole 梦想 crashed and I woke up without a drop of sweat, calm.


  36. 您ngSimbaPawSex 说:

    I’m unsure if it’魅魔。今天早上我醒来(睡眠并错过了数学课,因为我感到绝对精疲力尽),患有睡眠麻痹。





    我真的相信这只是从瘫痪中产生的幻觉,但是我告诉这个人说’s a 魅魔 demon.



  37. 詹姆斯·埃斯勒 说:

    我今年22岁,自从进入青春期以来,我就一直沉迷于性生活。我被安置在一个集体住所中,就在我18岁生日之前,我相信我遇到了我的第一个魅魔。我放下脚步,从我的想法… I was asleep…但我醒了,但身体却瘫痪了… I couldn’t move…然后我觉得它和我一起在床上爬行,并用胳膊缠住我,然后慢慢抓住我的裤...我尝试尖叫强奸,尝试移动,但我做不到,最终我昏倒了,或者我的记忆被抹掉了,因为我没有知道接下来发生了什么。我醒来后受了精神创伤,因为那感觉太真实了,无法成为梦想2014….. 2018差不多5年后,10月31日凌晨4点,我再次感到…。我醒来,喝了些水,放下身,拿起手机,突然间我发现自己瘫痪了,手伸向壁橱门,我无法动弹,说话甚至呼吸,但我的思想和眼睛仍然清醒…我听到客厅里的百叶窗开始晃动,然后听到咔嗒声…就像是在墙上敲钉子或敲牙一样。…我战斗,战斗,尖叫… 您 fucking cunt go away …即使我动弹不得…然后释放我…。有人可以帮忙吗,因为它看起来并不友好,我觉得这可能是我所有失败的人际关系的原因

  38. 特蕾西 说:

    当我失去童贞时,我受到了攻击。我感到两只手滑过大腿,但停了下来。自从我与第三任分手以来,两年前’ve been visited by a man name Erik whom though I have 性别 梦 with, there is more of romance and desire i never had. I’m very overweight, I am seen as a monster cause of my weight. My 3 exes, were terrible towards me and treated me badly. The third one made my emotional and mental side very effected. When I had 梦 with Erik, he show me what a real relationship is despite 性别. But when I had a romance 梦想 involving 性别 I cry in my sleep as it goes from happy to nightmare as people laugh and make fun of my body. I am a bit empathic, I can feel spirits but I’我不确定这只是幻想还是更多。

  39. 小R。 说:

    只想分享我的经验。直到今天我才注意到我’ve been having 性别ual 梦 more often and feels very real. Then I think back when I was a kid having 性别ual 梦 and same very real feelings. Even though i was innocent back then. I now think that a 魅魔 had been visiting me ever since i was a kid. The scariest part is that I always know the name “Lilith”

  40. 艾米 说:


  41. 达斯汀 说:

    嗨,我上周去上班了,有个女人为我祈祷。我被告知她是一个女巫,她的五分星悬挂在外面,但她似乎是基督徒,我不知道’几天后我不知道她怎么说“耶稣基督的名字”’我一直在想着每隔一秒钟就对succbus进行幻想,甚至读过如何召唤一个东西,这就是我’我从没去过这个东西’ve been a 克里斯 tian but I fallin and no return it feels that way I had a 梦想 in my 梦想 I saw what appeared to be A Succbuss in 要么 iginal form but beside her was a Taller version of a succbuss she called herself Lillith and said 您r mine now so what do I do I don’我不知道Lillith是谁在Succbus旁边,她说Succbus来自她,她控制着Succbus或其他任何使我失望的东西,但我喜欢它,我做什么。一世’m a vigirn to I don’t get it

  42. 冬天的小狗 说:


  43. 臭虫 说:

    I have narcolepsy and have experienced sleep paralysis for years and my 梦 get so real I can feel pain and pleasure. I am visited by the 魅魔 whenever I’我性剥夺。刚刚遇到了一个非常现实的遭遇。魅魔很诱人,但脸有时会扭曲。但是她却极具侵略性,整个我都’很明显,她有恶魔的特征和意图。我什至能感觉到。她试着给我脖子上的嬉皮士,在我抵抗了一会儿之后,她开始玩弄性爱的身体部位,看起来就像恐怖电影中的东西。就像她被另一个躺在我另一侧的人告诉或控制她,该做什么并且正试图说服我让步。我最近一直在抵抗,因为我知道’绝对是恶魔。但是我不再那么害怕了,因为我过去常常被一个更可怕,更可怕的恶魔所困扰。’t even trying to hide itself to me. My sleep paralysis 梦 are so real, the average person would probably go crazy. Not saying I’我不大声笑。当我醒来时 ’我仍然感到震惊,但是大约5分钟后,我开始觉得这没什么大不了,只是我的睡眠麻痹了。有一次我感到非常糟糕,以至于醒来可以移动并看着一只蜘蛛从我身边逃跑时消失了。但是,您对这种魅魔的描述令人恐惧且切确。一世’我是一个科学人,所以我要与自己的经历和信念抗争。您的描述让我感到紧张…

  44. 坦率 说:

    Since I began taking muscle relaxers my 梦 have been very vivid. Recently I had a 梦想 of a powerful attractive woman. I seemed to be trapped in a domed environment she was in charge of. I began to challenge her and then I heard the buzzing of flies. I noticed an above ground coffin vault (not a crypt) that had a coffin inside. I opened the coffin and it was empty, I then pointed at the woman and she screamed and realized she was dead and turned into a gelatious mass still holding basic human form. It was then I woke up and was amazed, not really frightened. I’我不确定她是妖魔还是真正死去的女人的精神。但是好像她没有’在我向她指出之前,她不知道她已经死了。圣迈克尔,请捍卫我们所有人,使其免受我们最脆弱时发生的这场精神战争的伤害。